Composition workshops

Composition Workshop for Children (from 9 years old)
Under the guidance of Jobst Liebrecht, the children develop their own musical ideas and transform them into notes. Children in the Composition Workshop are encouraged and aided by the composer in putting their music to paper. Musicians of the Staatskapelle demonstrate the capabilities of their instruments and then at the end of the workshop perform the resulting new compositions.

Junge Staatsoper
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Youth Composition Workshop (from 14 years old)
Under the guidance of Ralf Böhme, this week the young participants practise musical basics (aural training, rhythm, etc.) and then as an ensemble, with everyone playing their respective instruments, explore different musical forms in various styles and orchestrations. Using improvisation as a starting point, joint compositions are developed. Individuals’ own compositions are worked on by the group, rehearsed by musicians of the Staatskapelle and then performed at the end of the workshop. Visits to orchestral rehearsals and to the in-house recording studio etc. complement the creative holiday program. Held during the Berlin winter holidays in early February 2016.


14 FEB 2016 | 03.00 PM | Werkstatt